Think Big, Start Small, Grow Fast

From studies and researches carried out, I have come to notice that most startups have excellent ideas, ideas that sound like the solution to the world’s fleet of problems. I have listened to entrepreneurs share their ideas, read through some and most of them leave me amazed and my mouth ajar.

However, it surprises me that most of these ideas end up as mere ideas, wishful thinking and nothing more. Many of them lack the necessary tools to transform their ideas on paper to visible realities.

The first thing I want you to understand is that your idea is as beautiful as your plan to carry it out.

For every conception, there should be an execution. Having a big dream is not enough if there are no mechanisms for its actualization.

Secondly, every idea should project a feasible end. Every successful entrepreneur thrives on their ability to foresee the future. The farther you can see, the further you will go. It will be difficult to walk a path you can not envision. If you can picture the future, you would find it easy to break the process into stages and build growth mechanisms around it.

In addition to this, you must have giants whose shoulder you can stand on. Mentorship is a principle we are fast neglecting in today’s business world.

What you need, may not be how to do something. Sometimes in life, you might have to learn how not to do certain things. A mentor is someone whose experience you can draw from, it helps you to cut the learning curve.

Another truth I find interesting in life is that anything big and complex consist of small particles that make up the whole. It is no lie that tiny drops of water make up the mighty ocean. No step is too little to take, no effort is intangible for success. Every big idea should effortlessly reduce to little and achievable steps toward realization. Every idea should be able to submit to the SMART evaluation technique that is it must be SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, REALISTIC and TIME BOUND.

Your idea must have allowance for little beginnings and must comform to mechanisms that allow for fast increase. Dream big, start small and grow fast.

Yours truly



Jenifa’s Diary

I saw this picture on facebook and I decided to check the poster’s wall to see people’s reactions and comments to the post and it was what I expected; laugh, surprised face, some found it unbelievable. This triggered the writer in me and that is the result of what you are about reading. 

Firstly, most people found the topic unbelievable, as in why would someone choose a character from a sitcom as basis for a research work? I mean this is a student of a higher institution, students are supposed to be studious hence the name student. It seems too unserious or joking to spend a whole academic year studying a TV series. Why can’t you study the works of Alexander the great, or Julius Caesar or at best Williams Shakespeare, something quite serious and “thought provoking” than Jenifa’s diary like what is special about Jenifa’s diary. This shows that we as humans especially from this part of the world (Nigeria) love to pretend as if we are more serious than other people. We always want to score a point, prove that we know best and  show that we are doing the right thing. This is reflective in our approach towards many things; an average Nigerian will not read the manual of an electrical appliance because you feel like what is special about using this appliance that I would have to read book for? Will I write an examination on it?

Secondly, looking at the reaction that greeted that post, it also shows that we do not appreciate our own things, our own products, our own concepts and ideas. We take them for granted, we treat them like it is not worth our attention. This attitude marks the major difference between an average white man and an average Nigerian man. Physics students of University of Leicester (United Kingdom) amongst others published a paper on David Beckham’s freekicks and developed a formula from that research work. It was rumored that some other universities study his freekicks as a course under projectile motion. You see the difference? What we consider as trivial, they treat as magical, what we see as nonsense, they see as ingenuity. 

Being a child will not make sense to an adult until when you have to act as a child, ask Aki and PawPaw. 

Lastly, another thing I saw was that we do not respect what we are not familiar with. We are quick to get offended if something does not appeal to our idiosyncrasy. We treat with disdain and utter disgust if it does not belong to our school of thought but we have forgotten that understanding is the ability to recognise difference. We forget that the reason for change and societal transformation is difference in ideas. Imagine if the whole world think alike, we would end up having a static world, devoid of growth and development. That you do not understand the idea behind it, or the essence of it, does not mean it is of no value or rather unnecessary. 

In closing, if we must move from where we are and go forward, we must change how we think and how we view things. 

Yours truly,


You wanna travel out?

Sometime ago, I nursed the ambition of traveling out of Nigeria to a “better” country. It was a period when federal universities across the nation were locked down for a period of six (6) months because members of ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities) were on strike. I was angry and bitter about the situations of my dear country that I felt leaving for good was the best option.

Why am I writing about this now? I want everyone reading this to understand that while it is good to travel out, experience other people’s culture, new environment and all, traveling out is not a solution in itself, if you have not developed yourself individually. We may argue that there are better opportunities abroad, life is more easier over there, yes true but this will only come to someone who is prepared mentally, physically and psychologically.

The truth of the matter is opportunities abound everywhere, but it only takes good recognition skill to see this. Traveling abroad will do you no good if you have not discover who you really are, what you stand for and who you represent. Many people find it difficult to make anything reasonable out of their life in Nigeria not just because Nigeria is totally difficult to live in but because they themselves are not ready for life.

Am I discouraging anyone from travelling out? Far from it, but I am simply saying travel out only for the right reasons and be sure you have found out who you are and where you stand at the moment before embarking on such ambition.

Did I eventually travel out? No! Do I still nurse the ambition? Yes! And I would travel out soon but I know why I want to which is now totally different from why I wanted to initially because over time I have grown, worked on myself, approached life from a newer point of view which is the essence of this post for you to view life abroad from a different perspective.

Thanks for the read!

Yours truly,


Never gonna break you…

As I write this post, there is this terrific hunger I feel. It is almost looking like I may not live to see the next minute (it is that bad) and as I ponder on it, a couple of things occured to me and I thought to share.

Many times in life you come face to face with difficult situations, tough moments, hard times and their other siblings. They may come as financial crisis, marital challenges, health issues, economic recession etc. Sometimes life seems to press you so hard as if it will make toast out of you. But the truth of the matter is there might never have been anything called toast if the bread did not come face to face with the heat and oppression of the toaster.

It then shows that out of the most difficult situation comes the greatest invention.

There would never have been a need for light if there was no darkness. There would not have been solution if there was no question in the first instance. There might have never been a telephone if there was no difficulty in communication.

Every challenge you face are questions begging for solution.

You either reply or you chicken out and the earlier you see it as such the best for you. When you run away from difficulties, you have lost out on an opportunity to discover something new.

You cannot find the unusual in a casual atmosphere.

While you may think that the difficult moments may bring you to your end, I want you to know that an end most of the times marks a new beginning. You may not get to see a new chapter until you are done with the previous. So rather than feel bad about your current situation, you should see them as an opportunity to begin a new phase. Legends are men and women who overcame their challenges; men and women who despised the odds and went ahead to carve a niche for themselves.

You should realise that light may not have any useful impact if it is not darkest. Lest I forget, it took me another two (2) hours before I was able to eat and I did not die. No challenge or difficulty is strong enough to break you. You are stronger than what you look like on the outside.

Yours truly,


So what? 


Before I go deep into this post, let me assure you that this is going to inspire you and get you up your feet. So enjoy the read!

This is a question I ask myself most of the time to ensure that I never relent. You see, many of us go on in life, expecting certain things to happen or not happen just because of some of our supposedly good enough reasons. We forget that

Life will not serve us what we deserve.

In fact, I have observed that the reason why life would present us with the most difficult situations and toughest circumstances is because inherent in every human is the ability to turn disadvantage to an advantage. There is a creativity instinct in every man that can make lemonade out of lemon. 

So you see first class graduates expecting the world to revolve around them, while a third class graduate expect little or nothing out of lifeYou made a first class, so what?  You have a third class, so what? 

We need to understand that though there exist outliers of success but the reason(s) for success and achievement is common to all.

We have got to step out of every cliche and societal belief system that make us think that certain people succeed based on who they are rather than what they have done. Let me say again that anybody can be successful, regardless of who they are, where they are from,their social status or the colour of their skin.

Success has no regard for persons.

You have every reason to be as successful as the kid next door. The secret has always been work. Give me a successful man, and I will show you a man who has worked harder than his peers, laboured than them all to build what he has now. You must understand that there are no limiting factors to your achievement except the ones you have built.

So what? if you are from a poor background, so what? if you are a Nigerian, so what, if you are cash-strapped to start that business, so what? if you do not have a job, so what? if you have an extra session in school, so what? if you had a carry over? You have got to damn all the “so what”and get on your feet. 

You have got to respond to all the so what questions with “then I am going to”.

You have to do something, you have to convert all the seemingly disadvantage to your advantage. You have to challenge your barriers and turn them to your bridge for crossing over to success. Everything you need to succeed is within you. Success is more of an internal phenomenon than external. Challenge your circumstances, question your norms, and strive to be the best that you can. I am double sure that the door of success cannot be closed against an excellent man. I desire to hear your success story soon. 

Yours truly, 


You can let go of that hurt!

Let me start by saying that what I am about to share are my thoughts as gathered from my little experience in life, and they may not provide the overall view on the subject but I hope someone will find them helpful.

In life, many things are inevitable and as such we do not have control over their occurrence. They are bound to happen with or without our permission. One of such things is HURT. Hurt may be physical or emotional, but I am restricting this post to the emotional aspect.

People would hurt us for many reasons best known to them and I will not dwell on the why as much as how to deal with the aftermath. 

The only antidote for hurt is to forgive and forget. 

It may sound like a cliche but it is the absolute truth. Hurt has its way of getting our emotions worked up and destroy us psychologically; hurt would get our thoughts distorted. 

The essence of this post is to make you realise that total forgiveness is easier than bearing the burden of past hurts. 

Now the way I have mentioned forgiveness makes it sound as if it is so easy and fast. It is never easy forgiving so also forgetting is not a joke either, but carrying hurts, betrayals, etc. along in our life’s journey is not an healthy option. They are like weights and burdens that easily sets us back. We expend more energy trying to pull them along with us, I believe they are better left in the past. We would be better if we do without them, not because of the people involved but because of where we are headed. Another reason why it is necessary to forgive is we become skeptics when we do not let go. We get overly sensitive and unnecessarily suspicious around people who has hurt us before, we suspect every move, everything they do. So even when their intentions are genuine we do not see it as such. And that someone hurt or betray us today does not mean they cannot be of benefit to us tomorrow. It is about perception.

However, the steps to forgiving and forgetting are not as difficult as some people think. I would share a couple that has worked for me.

1. Forgive the person genuinely from your heart. Decide that regardless of what they have done you have chosen to forgive them, not because of them but because of you. Your choice to forgive or not affects you and not them.

2. Stop talking about the hurt, the less you talk about what they have done the more your chances of forgetting.

3. Deliberately choose to see the good in them. For every negativity, there is also a positivity, choose to see their positive side(s) and give compliment about it where necessary. 

4. Choose to walk in love and let God minister grace to heal the hurt and bind the wound. You will be better and healthier for it when you do.

Yours truly, 


Post was inspired by Lizzy Jay Adebola

When it’s locked… 

Something very interesting happened to me about an hour ago in which I learnt some truths about life. I was going to insert an SD-card in my mobile phone which normally should not be anything difficult but due to some anti-theft setting I activated on my phone it became a very tormenting moment for me.

I had inserted the SD-card, then the problem started when my mobile phone requested for some privacy protection password. You should have seen the strange look on my face as though I did not know what it meant. I paused for a moment to think about it and what the password could be.

At first I felt it was not something serious because I have certain codes I use just to forestall situations like this, so I was like 

Seyi, you’ve got this under control so I started trying out with my “most-used” passwords, none worked. I extended it to the ones I seldomly use, the phone did not unlock, then I knew it was not a joking “sturv”. I tried others I thought I might have used, but none worked.

At a point, I saw the option of using fingerprint to unlock, you needed to see how relieved I was but shockingly and surprisingly, my finger no gree unlock the thing. Then I was like maybe the answer is a combination of my fingerprint and the password, so I started trying the codes again this time with my fingerprint but e no just gree work.

To cut the long story short, I sha decided I will take the phone to a mobile operator come tomorrow morning and have them check it and proffer solution. But I am writing this post with the same phone, so what happened? 
I just decided I will try again, just one more time but this time I will be quite calm. So I started working out the psychology, I said to myself, Seyi, you know yourself, you don’t use difficult passwords, so the answer would be something very simple that you can easily remember,so what could it be? So I tried some digits, and BINGO!!! It was the answer, it was something very simple as in too simple that I should never have forgotten in the first instance. The stupidity that overshadowed me could not allow me celebrate my success.

You know what this taught me;

1. It is not out of place for you to get into situations and circumstances, some would come as consequences of your actions, while some as a result of the progress of your life’s journey.

2. While you may be intelligent enough to easily solve some, others may linger for sometime but the koko is never stop trying. 

3. Nobody has found a solution by giving up or by quitting. When you do not give Up, you stand a chance of seeing the end of a problem

4. Most of the times, the solutions to our problems lie around us, most of the times, it simpler than the problem but we need to take some chill to be able to recognise them. Getting unnecessarily worked up clog up our mind and it becomes very difficult to figure out the solution.

5. A solution is not just useful for today’s situation because it would be useful other times and for others who are going to get into that same situation later on. You know I felt like removing the password but I left it, because I am sure it would be useful later on.


Yours truly, 


The Power of Process

Earlier today I was going to make breakfast for my dad, I decided I was going to prepare pap and akara (beans ball). Then the whole process started. From having to remove the unprepared pap from the fridge to picking and peeling the beans, grinding the beans, frying the slurry to get the akara and lastly making the pap.

It then dawned on me that there was an algorithm I was unconsciously following. 

Algorithm means a step-by-step solution process. 

There was a process i was religiously going through that cannot be tampered with, if I intend to achieve the result I had in mind. Then I realise it is not only in trying to get solutions to problems that processes are followed, infact life in itself is a process, and everyone that seeks to succeed in life must understand this. 

You must understand that life is in stages, and no step can be skipped to arrive at the other. It is impossible to hurriedly jump a stage. I can say this because of my backgroud in mathematics, that most solutions in mathematics have their solution format. Most of the time, they start from writing out the formula, then state the given parameters, apply the formula, step by step till you arrive at the final answer. I am still coming back to this illustration.

Like I said, life is a process, every dream, every idea must go through processing because that is what strengthens us, that is how we know if to stop or press on. We are too in a hurry to arrive at the final answer without having to necessarily go through the process. 

There is the conception phase where our ideas are still in their crudest form, it does not even make any sense to us. But with patience and persistence it develops into the growth phase. At this point, it is like gold through the furnace, almost like it is never going to work. Sometimes it feels like the heat of the furnace will just destroy it. This stage is quite painful and stressful. It is never easy but it is necessary we experience this stage if our ideas would be anything near beautiful.

After the growth season you either learn how to quit or how to win which later paves way for the maturity stage. At this point, the idea is solid, ready for consumption. The first fruits are being harvested, everyone is smiling. You are proud you did a great job. Often times we want to jump from conception to maturity which is never possible.

There is another phase called the automation stage, where the idea is just yielding dividends by itself with lesser effort. At this point it has grown from being a name to becoming a brand.

Back to the illustration you will observe that sometimes you may not get the final answer yet still get some marks. You know what that means? There is always reward for following through the process. Lessons are learnt that are usefully in other circumstances, solution paths are mastered and you are the better for it. There is nothing like a wasted experience.

What I am saying in essence is, be patient with your life process, because you are not there yet does not mean you can never get there. They are to teach you, stretch you and conform you to who you are becoming so you can come out beautiful like gold out of the refiner’s fire.

Yours truly,


Daily Habits of Successful People | Brian Tracy

Good evening everyone!

While I was trying to order a free copy of Brian Tracy’s book: “The Power of Habit”, I stumbled on this write-up of his and I could not help but share. He touched some depths with few words. I celebrate his wisdom and wealth of knowledge and experience.

Please read, like and share!

Financing your startup

​Getting finance for a startup is an important determinant of the survival chance of the business. The most awesome business ideas with sleek names in mind for the business, end up as mere ideas when there is an inability to raise sufficient funds. Financing a small business, especially a startup, could be an uphill in a crowded field, as the number of SMEs existing today is unbelievable, and most of them get their capital through bank loans. It is needless to say that it has become exceedingly difficult to raise funds due to the current financial climate, especially for a business that is just starting out, which has not gotten to a point where traditional lenders or investors would be interested. But just because it is a bit of a fight does not mean that a brilliant idea is not worth fighting for.

Martin willing said

the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who think creatively, not only about their offering, but also about how to acquire cash and never say never.

They have to spend themselves, sell themselves, more than their product, to close on every alternative source of funding. An entrepreneur should realize that his first source of funding is himself, before external sources come into play. The understanding of this truth and the risk involved will determine the level of success or failure of the business.

Here are some easy and ready-to-go sources of funds available to a startup, as garnered from experience, and seen in some business books studied:

1. Your Pocket: Every startup should realize that the first capital available to them is their savings, it begins from what you have. As less creative as this sounds, you will find that no investor will put money into a deal if they see that the owner has no input whatsoever in it. Your personal savings used in your startup portrays some level of commitment and desperation on your part.
2. Family and Friends: Research shows that your family and friends will believe in you and your idea without waiting to see if it is viable or not. Your family and friends do not have to wait until you have real customers, revenue, and hard assets. You must thoroughly utilize this channel.
3. Microloans: There are some private companies and non-profits organizations that offer small loans   to individuals who would not qualify for bank financing, to promote entrepreneurship. Locate such companies around you. 
4. Vendor Financing: This works for people that sell tangible products. Many manufacturers and distributors can be convinced to defer your payment until the goods are sold by you depending on your credit worthiness. Though this may attract extra fees.

These methods highlighted usually generate minimal interest in the early-stage, but with consistence and persistence coupled with creative thinking, the dream grows to become a reality. And if you can roll in the adequate funds needed, then you can spank your competitors.

Yours truly,